11th Sept

11th ft

A good day of the footie. was somewhat knackered by playing on the horses!!!,  no more horses

11th gg

The Horses we’re going well until the last three trades.  boooooo.


10th Sept



So annoyed with Betfair this evening the only loss of the day and the team at Betfair fucked up again.  having a game marked as inplay. and then not going inplay.  leaves me up shit creek without a paddle as such.  no way of getting out.  as it was I would have lost a couple of pound, but not a tenner.

Also had a small lay of one of the favourites at Chelmsford City.  it won last time out but tonight was in a higher grade and higher mark.  so layed it.

7th Sept



Starting to get a bit better figures wise. and now 7 winning days to the start of the month.

and on another positive note the mind seems to be getting into a better place again.  happier days.