Moving on up Level 3

When I started to plan this journey, the idea was to create a system with easy attainable targets.  The plan was hopefully to reach a new target every calendar for roughly the next 8 years!!!.  to hit my target!!!.  so patience is the key.

However with the last month going so well on  21st July, I went to Level 2 and increase the stakes.  after only 6 days. I have hit all level two targets.  So I am moving on up to level 3.  £12.00 per game.

wish me luck and spread the word


27th July



Great day,  did not start to well with Mexico proving too strong for a poor Jamaica.  profit wise today if I let all games run I would have been the best part of another £40 quid better.  but it is better to guarantee a small profit on a regular basis  rather then risk bigger returns.

26th July



Today round’s off a great couple of days, today could have been better, the big loss of the day. was due to captain cockup here.  meant to do under 3.5 and hit 2.5!.  Would have still lost on the bet, but not as much of a loss.

and  Chris Froome won the TDF.  to put one up the French, who hate #teamsky with a passion


25th July 2015



Great day,  got lucky with the one loss.   got out for a small loss and within 10-12 Secs  the 3rd goal went in.  which could have resulted in a £11.00 loss.

and Froomey winning the Tour De France today makes it even better.

24th July 2015



Well that repaired the damage done yesterday.  now to work on Wednesday’s disaster.  although has explained before this is all about making small profits long term.  no point trying to run. etc!!!   and at least I am up to level 2 in my grand scheme of things